UV – LED  Technology  for  water  purification

Purus Technologies is developing battery operated (low power) highly efficient, low cost, and low maintenance ultraviolet light emitting diode (UV-LED) based drinking water purification systems targeted for processing low to moderate volumes of water in various sizes from personal to small community scales.

Purus reactor (patented) is a compact, modular, and scalable system comprising UV LEDs to provide a dose of photo radiation to water flowing through the device to obtain germicidal destruction of biological contaminants such as viruses and bacteria.

The idea behind this water purification technology emerges from very recent breakthroughs in UV-LED technology & a proprietary UV-LED reactor developed following an extensive research at University of British Columbia.


Purus system is a novel water treatment concept based on UV technology, which is a proven and safe water treatment alternative, as it is free of the harmful by-products associated with chemical disinfection, and has the added benefit of not compromising the taste, color, or odor of water;

It operates on a battery at a very low voltage and power, making it suitable for various situations including off-grid areas and remote communities in any part of the world. Fully charged 9V battery is estimated to purify 120 litres of water while a typical 12 V car battery can purify 9500 litres of water.

Offers low ?life cycle? cost  (upfront + operations + maintenance), being LED based, compared to other incumbent solutions;

Treats various water flow rates without a need for chemical storage and handling (unlike chlorine disinfection), high electric power (unlike UV-lamp systems), and wasting water (unlike reverse osmosis systems).